May 19, 2019
HOLY COMMUNION is celebrated in our services this morning. + Guests who are baptized Chris­tians, who acknowledge and confess their sinful­ness, who confess Jesus Christ as their Savior from sin, and who believe that He is really present in Holy Communion to bring us His for­giveness and life, are welcome to the Lord's Table. + If you commune, please note it on your atten­dance card. The cups toward the center of the Communion trays contain non-alcoholic wine. Children are welcome to come forward to receive a blessing.

* * * VISITORS * * *
Welcome to Shepherd of the Valley 
You will find an attendance card in this announcement folder, please fill out as much information as you are comfortable sharing, so we know how to welcome you, contact you and/or pray for you.  Ushers will pick them up during the service.
ACTIVITY BAGS for children under age ten are in the cabinet in the lobby.  One of our ushers would be happy to provide one for your child upon request and then please return them at the end of service. 
FRONT PEWS ARE RESERVED for those who have trouble coming up to the Altar for communion, please feel free to sit in the front rows.  Speaking of sitting, we stand at times during our services, please stand or sit as you are comfortable. 
SUNDAY SCHOOL for all ages at 9:30 am. Parents, please bring your children to the preschool after-school room to register. Ask an usher for directions. 
CONFIRMATION CLASS for 7th & 8th graders Sundays at 5 pm.
COMMUNICATION:   If you would like to be added to our prayer chain, phone tree, or email announcements, please contact the office.
SERMON NOTES: Fill-in-the-blank notes are provided with the worship bulletin for a more interactive note-taking experience.  Answers can be found in the lobby after service. 
THE CHANCEL CHOIR meets on Tuesdays at 5:45 pm.   We sing year round and we are looking for all types of singers and are particularly looking for tenors but welcome all parts. If you don’t know what part you sing, we will gladly help place you! For more info call Rosslynn Medina at 951-567-3940.
BLOOD PRESSURE screening between services on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month, in the hall. This is provided by our Parish Health Minister.

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BAPTIZED TODAY at our 10:45 service is Lily Sarai Davison daughter of Wealthy Winston and Christopher Davison.  We welcome her into the fellowship of God's people.
FELLOWSHIP DINNER:  We will have our next fellowship dinner at Chipotle Mexican Grill on Tuesday, May 28th from 4 – 8 pm.  The funds will go to a new laptop for the sanctuary and repairs to our projector.  We will receive 33% back, but must have at least $300 in sales.  Please plan to enjoy dinner at Chipotle, located at 12625 Frederick St, Suite S1. We look forward to the fellowship and fun that these dinners bring.  Thanks for supporting our ministry.
VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL coming soon! June 24 – June 28, 3:00 p.m. -6:00 p.m. for children age 3 through having completed 5th Grade. Look for volunteer sign-up sheets (in your announcements) and registration sheets for the kids in the church entryway or in the church office. We need lots of volunteers for everything from Bible teachers to group guides. We provide a meal Monday through Wednesday for all of the VBS staff and their families so that no one has to go home and cook. And on Thursday we will have a fellowship dinner at Chick-Fil-A. On Sunday, June 30th we will close with a celebration during church with a lunch to follow.  If you have questions, please call Marlayna at 924-4688.
VBS PLANNING MEETING this Wednesday, May 22nd at 7:00 pm in the hall.  We hope everyone who is volunteering can attend, please let Marlayna know if you can’t make it.  See you then!
MAGAZINES AND CARD FRONTS:  We will no longer be collecting these items.  If you are interested in taking over this ministry to deliver magazines to nursing homes and our shut ins, please let the office know. 
LUTHERAN NIGHT AT DODGER STADIUM: Dodgers vs Rockies on Saturday, June 22nd at 4:15 pm. Discount tickets can be purchased for $40/each until June 1st. You can purchase your tickets at  Contact the office with any questions.

SOCIAL MINISTRY:  Items Needed: Canned veggies and fruit, applesauce, instant potatoes, spaghetti and sauce.  Cake mix and frosting.  Pancake mix, peanut butter & jelly.  Thanks for your support!
SCRIP HAS SOME EXCITING NEWS… until May 24th the company is offering many cards in smaller denominations. These would be great for college students, those great teachers in your life, Mother's and Father's day gifts as well as b-days, graduations or just becuz you want to show your appreciation.  Now, this special is only until May 24th so you must order by May 19th to get the special deals. Plan ahead.  Stop by the scrip table to pick up a list and I will leave a few in the Narthex for you to look at.  God bless, Karen Rice
2019 OFFERING ENVELOPES are in the church office. Please pick yours up today. If you don’t have a booklet and would like one, mark your attendance card or call Marlayna at the church office 924-4688. Thanks!
E-GIVING IS HERE:  You can now make a contribution to our church through a mobile app or through your computer.  Ask the office for more information. 
PICK-A-BILL.  Pick-A-Bill has been refilled.  Thank you to everyone who has felt the calling to participate in this fund-raising event.  We appreciate everyone understanding and accepting the challenge to reduce our budget deficit.  If this isn’t the way for you to help, maybe there will be something else that will feel right for you.
E-NEWS:  Sign up for our weekly email.  You can find the link on our Facebook page ( or on our website (, or you can call the office and we’ll add you. 
TEXT ALERTS:  You can find the instructions on how to sign up in the church lobby, office or on our website. Feel free to call the office with any questions.
THE April – June PORTALS OF PRAYER are available in the church lobby. There are also a limited amount of large-print copies if you need one.  DON’T FORGET TO PICK UP YOUR COPY TODAY!
SCHOOL NEWS: We have an on-going School Improvement fundraiser to help with much needed school repairs. Put your donation in the envelope at the church entrance and turn it in with offering or to the office. Please continue to pray for our church and school. Thank you for your generous gifts. Linda Williamson.
SAVE your Boxtops for Education found on many products .Each coupon is worth 10¢! This is a great way to raise funds for our school!
DO YOU LIKE TO SEW? The Quilting Group would love to have more folks sewing quilt tops for Lutheran World Relief. If you can sew pieces of fabric into a rectangle, we need you! Contact Linda Olson at 951-276-0373 for information.
PLEASE SAVE us your aluminum cans & plastic recyclable bottles for recycling. Please remove pull tab, (for support to Ronald McDonald House), bring items sorted in plastic bags. Proceeds from cans and bottles will go to the Quilting Fund. Thanks!
2019 FLOWER CHART:  If you’d like to donate flowers for the altar, sign up on the board hanging in the lobby. Indicate what the flowers are for - anniversary, birthday, in honor of or in memory. Take a slip with ordering instructions. Flowers are ordered by you from Moreno Valley Flower Box (653-3171) and they deliver them to church. Each large bouquet is $26. Small bouquets for the altar are $19 each. For info call the office
PRAY FOR OUR SOLDIERS: In the church lobby is a box full of plastic army men. Please take one home with you and place it somewhere to remind you to pray for our men & women who are serving our country.
INVITE OTHERS TO OUR CHURCH AND SCHOOL! Business cards are available in the church lobby. Take a pack and pass them out to friends & neighbors who need a church home or a preschool for their children.
JOSEPH PROJECT - Community (Citywide) Food Bank - provides food for the needy every Thursday from a distribution center at the Koinonia Evangelistic Center at 21866 Brill Rd., Moreno Valley (951-867-3050). Volunteers are needed to help out in various ways such as distribution, sorting, clean up, etc. at the center. Please pray for this ministry. Contact Larry Alexander to find out how to volunteer!
YOUTH LEADER CONTACT INFO:  Please feel free to contact our youth leader, Mindy Lowe any time.  Her cell phone is (951) 707-3618 and email is
 PASTOR PAUL is in the office Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm.