September 8, 2019

* * * VISITORS * * *
Welcome to Shepherd of the Valley 
You will find an attendance card in this announcement folder, please fill out as much information as you are comfortable sharing, so we know how to welcome you, contact you and/or pray for you.  Ushers will pick them up during the service.

ACTIVITY BAGS for children under age ten are in the cabinet in the lobby.  One of our ushers would be happy to provide one for your child upon request and then please return them at the end of service. 
FRONT PEWS ARE RESERVED for those who have trouble coming up to the Altar for communion, please feel free to sit in the front rows.  Speaking of sitting, we stand at times during our services, please stand or sit as you are comfortable. 
SUNDAY SCHOOL for all ages will be between services at 9:30 am.  Check with an usher to direct you to the correction location. 
STAY CONNECTED:  If you would like to be added to our prayer chain, phone tree, email announcements, or monthly newsletter please contact the office.
SERMON NOTES: Fill-in-the-blank notes are provided with the worship bulletin for a more interactive note-taking experience.  Answers can be found in the lobby after service. 
THE CHANCEL CHOIR meet on Tuesday nights at 5:45 pm.  For more info call Rosslynn Medina at 951-567-3940.
BLOOD PRESSURE screening between services on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month, in the hall. This is provided by our Parish Health Minister.

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HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE plans are underway.  Mark your calendar for November 16th to kick off the Christmas season. 
OFFICER INSTALLATION: Today in both services we will install our church and school board officers. Each week you can find the list of these members in this announcement folder.  Please use this information as needed.  We appreciate everyone who is able to put the time in to helping with the spiritual needs and business of our church.  OFFICER RECOGNITION:  Thank you to Dan Butterfield, Marge Clark, Janean Hamann, Dorrie Lyle, Fabiana Niles, & Jill Wilson who are “retiring” from one of our boards. The time you gave to the business of our church has been a blessing. Some of you have served many, many years, but you all have given hours of your time and with great love.  Thank you so much.
SUNDAY SCHOOL AND YOUTH GROUP starts today! We have Sunday school for all ages. Preschool through 5th grade will meet in the preschool room, 6th through 12th grade will meet in the office and adults will meet in the hall. Youth Group will meet in the youth room on Sunday nights at 6:30 pm. In September we’ll meet on the 8th & the 22nd. Invite your friends, the more the merrier. Hope to see you there!
FLOWERS are placed in the chancel today to the glory of God by TERRY MACK in memory of her mom and by JAY & KATHY KRUMHOLTZ in celebration of Jay’s 74th birthday.
LOCAL FIRE VICTIMS:  A young family in our area lost their home to a fire last week.  Praise God the couple and their baby were able to escape through a bedroom window.  They have immediate needs.  Baby boy is size 18m-2T, mom is size large and dad is size 32/32 pants.  Or if you would like to help by donating to a Walmart card for them, see Karen at the Scrip table or contact the office.  We will collect through next week.   Please pray for this family and their needs.
WOMEN OF FAITH BIBLE STUDY will meet on Monday, September 16th at Laurie White’s house.  Bring books and/or ideas for our study this year. Contact Marlene Alexander for more information.
FELLOWSHIP DINE-OUT:  Our next fundraiser dinner will support our school children and the needs of the school.  Please plan to have lunch or dinner at Shakey’s Pizza on Wednesday, September 11th between 11 am and 9 pm.  Don’t forget to take your flyer with you. We can use these fellowship dine-out meals to build and nurture our relationships with each other and the school families.
 FALLS PREVENTION WORKSHOP:  On Tuesday, September 17th at 10:00 am in the Hall, we will have a workshop on how to help prevent falls.  If you worry about falling or about someone you love falling, please try to come to this informative workshop. 
ADOPT-A-ROAD CLEAN UP: Our next clean-up will be on Saturday, September 21st. We’ll meet at 8:00 am on the corner of Indian and Skyland. We hope you will come and help serve our community.  Contact the office if you haven’t helped before, a waiver is required by the City.  Thanks!
→CHURCH/SCHOOL PICNIC:  After our service at 9:30 am on September 29th we will have a picnic with the school.  We will be eating in the school area instead of the fellowship hall.  Look for a potluck sign-up sheet in the lobby today.  We hope that everyone will join in a time of fellowship and good company with the school children and their families.
THE BUDGET for the 2019/2020 year was approved at the voter’s assembly this past August. The total annual budget approved was $674,478. The figure listed as "needed" is calculated on that amount less the school’s income, the income we receive from the school in shared expenses, cell towers, and Korean and Baptist ministries, but the deficit is added in.  As is stated in our worship folder each week "Members and friends, the ministry of our congregation is underwritten by the prayerful generosity of our weekly tithes and offerings." To help everyone see how we are meeting our needs, we will again publish each week, our income for the previous week and how it measures up to what we need from offerings.  You will find this information each week in the back of the announcement folder.
WOMENS CONFERENCE (bilingual) “Freedom in Christ” at Oasis Church on October 5th from 9 am – 4 pm.  Cost is $20 and includes lunch. This conference is to minister to women who are experiencing brokenness, insecurities, and challenges in their daily lives.  Contact Ruth Hill at (951) 247-5160 if you’re interested.   
LOOKING FOR A ROOM.  Dorrie Lyle has a friend who is looking for a room.  She and her husband have recently lost their living arrangements and are looking for a place to live.  If you can help or have a resource that can help them, please contact Dorrie Lyle.  Thanks!
POWERPOINT:  We need PowerPoint help for 8:00 am.  If you are able to help us once a month in operating the PowerPoint slides, please let the office know.  Thanks!
SOCIAL MINISTRY:  Items Needed:  Rice-A-Roni, instant potatoes, dry cereal and canned veggies and fruit. Thanks for your support!
2019 OFFERING ENVELOPES are in the church office. If you don’t have offering envelopes and would like a booklet, mark your attendance card or call Marlayna at the church office 924-4688. Thanks!
E-GIVING IS HERE:  You can now make a contribution to our church through a mobile app or through your computer.  Ask the office for more information. 
PICK-A-BILL.  Pick-A-Bill has been refilled. This has really been a blessing to our church.  So many have participated and supported the church office with this program.  Thank you!
THE October – December PORTALS OF PRAYER are available in the church lobby. There are also a limited amount of large-print copies if you need one.  DON’T FORGET TO PICK UP YOUR COPY TODAY!
SCHOOL NEWS: We have an on-going School Improvement fundraiser to help with much needed school repairs. Put your donation in the envelope at the church entrance and turn it in with offering or to the office. Please continue to pray for our church and school. Thank you for your generous gifts. Linda Williamson.
SAVE your Boxtops for Education found on many products .Each coupon is worth 10¢! This is a great way to raise funds for our school!
DO YOU LIKE TO SEW? The Quilting Group would love to have more folks sewing quilt tops for Lutheran World Relief. If you can sew pieces of fabric into a rectangle, we need you! Contact Linda Olson at 951-276-0373 for information.
PLEASE SAVE your aluminum cans & plastic recyclable bottles for recycling. Please remove pull tab (for support to Ronald McDonald House), bring items sorted in plastic bags. Proceeds from cans and bottles will go to the Quilting Fund. Thanks!
PRAY FOR OUR SOLDIERS: In the church lobby is a box full of plastic army men. Please take one home with you and place it somewhere to remind you to pray for our men & women who are serving our country.
INVITE OTHERS TO OUR CHURCH AND SCHOOL! Business cards are available in the church lobby. Take a pack and pass them out to friends & neighbors who need a church home or a preschool for their children.
JOSEPH PROJECT - Community (Citywide) Food Bank - provides food for the needy every Thursday from a distribution center at the Koinonia Evangelistic Center at 21866 Brill Rd., Moreno Valley (951-867-3050). Volunteers are needed to help out in various ways such as distribution, sorting, clean up, etc. at the center. Please pray for this ministry. Contact Larry Alexander to find out how to volunteer!

PASTOR PAUL is in the office Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm.