Braille Mail

 Leader: Laurie White
(951) 924-4688
Fellowship Hall

Meeting Day(s): Thursday
Meeting Time: 7:30 AM

Each week Lutheran Braille Workstation 197 assembles and mails over 2,200 copies of the Lutheran Hour Sermon in large print to countries all over the world. We are always looking volunteers.

On January 2, 2015 it was exactly thirteen years ago that a small group of Shepherd members met with representatives
of Lutheran Braille Workers to begin a new mission. The need was to mail copies of the Lutheran Hour Sunday services
in large print to vision handicapped people throughout the United States and also in many
countries around the world.
What a blessing it has been to know that not a single week has gone by since that day in
2002 that Bud Kenefick has not loaded his truck with these printed, collated, stapled and labeled
copies and taken them to the post office. How many hearts have been touched and
won by these sermons only God knows. We do know of the hearts of those who faithfully
show up every week to assure that they are started on their way, regardless of holidays or
There are approximately twenty-two who meet every Thursday from 6:00 am until about 9:00 am to make this happen.
Of the original group there are about five who are still able to be with us. These are hours of fellowship and sharing, and
the salary is Especially good - a cup of coffee and a cookie! All are welcome to join this worth-while ministry.