May 222023

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Welcome to Shepherd of the Valley

You will find a connection card in the announcement folder, please fill out as much information as you are comfortable sharing, so we know how to welcome you, contact you and/or pray for you.  Ushers will pick them up during the service.

ACTIVITY BAGS for children under age ten are in the cabinet in the lobby.  One of our ushers would be happy to provide one for your child upon request and then please return them at the end of service. 
FRONT PEWS ARE RESERVED for those who have trouble coming up to the Altar for communion, please feel free to sit in the front rows.  Speaking of sitting, we stand at times during our services, please stand or sit as you are comfortable.

STAY CONNECTED:  If you would like to be added to our prayer chain, phone  tree, email, announcements, newsletter, please contace the office.

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LENT MISSION PROJECT: We’re partnering with Faith Comes by Hearing to provide HOPE FOR OUR HEROES through Military BibleSticks. Just $25 provides a Military BibleStick for one of the Troops who protect our nation and preserve our freedoms. This mission project will continue on through Lent until Easter Sunday. Our hope is to provide BibleSticks for an entire company of 100 troops.  Please make checks payable to SVLC and annotate Military BibleSticks on the memo line or on an envelope.  Thanks.

EASTER FLOWERS:  If you’re interested in donating to the flower fund for Easter, please see the form in this worship folder.

RUMMAGE SALE:  There are still some treasures to be found.  Stop by the hall and see what you can find. Thanks to everyone for your donations, to our volunteers who worked so hard and to everyone who supported this fundraiser for the Assistance Fund.

JUNE BIRTHDAY LUNCH - GREEN ONION:  Everyone is welcome! Please come and join us!  Tuesday, June 6th at 12:00 p.m.  Lunches are $13.00 person from the lunch menu plus $1.00 for each Birthday person present.  Hope to see you there!

GREETERS/USHERS:  We are starting up our greeter and usher programs again, so if your are interested in participant, there will be a sign-up sheet in the lobby.  Your service would be greatly appreciated.
BIBLE STUDIES:  Growing in Grace Bible Study Group will be meeting weekly after service at 10:45 am in the hall, until July 2nd, and then we will be taking a break for the summer and will be returning in the Fall.  This bible study is led by Eunice Kang and will be finishing up their study on the Sermon on the Mount.  Our Sunday Adult Bible Study is on break for the summer right now and will be returning in the Fall, this study is led by Pastor.

ADOPT-A-ROAD CLEAN UP:  Our next scheduled Adopt-A-Road clean-up is on July 1st at 9:00 a.m.  We will be meeting at Indian and Manzanita.  Hope you can make it! 

SOCIAL MINISTRY:  June items: Spaghetti noodles and pasta sauce. Canned veggies & fruit, macaroni and cheese, instant potatoes and soup.  Thanks!

THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS:  Thrivent members are able to assign their Choice Dollars to a church or charity of their choice.  Undesignated dollars “expire” after March 31st.  Go to to direct your Choice Dollars.  Both the church and school are registered to receive Choice Dollars and we are so appreciative if you choose to designate your dollars to us.

PRAY FOR OUR SOLDIERS:  In the church lobby is a box full of plastic army men. Please take one home with you and place it somewhere to remind you to pray for our men & women who are serving our country.

DO YOU LIKE TO SEW?  The Quilting Group would love to have more folks sewing quilt tops for Lutheran World Relief. If you can sew pieces of fabric into a rectangle, we need you! Contact Linda Olson for info.

RECYCLE:  Please save your aluminum cans & plastic recyclable bottles for recycling. Please remove pull tab (for support to Ronald McDonald House), bring items sorted in plastic bags. Proceeds from cans and bottles will go to the Quilting Fund. Thanks!

PASTOR PAUL is in the office Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm.